Microbial Biology


The consultation hour on 26.06. is cancelled.

Molecular Microbiology SS 2024

Recommended for Master students who want to take exams in the field of Microbiology,
Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Dates: 11.06. + 18.06. + 02.07. + 09.07. from 11:00-12:30 Seminar room NDEF 06/780


An honorary post for Franz Narberhaus

The biologist is the new president of the microbiology professional society.

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How diarrhoea pathogens switch into attack mode at body temperature

Bacteria don’t produce disease-causing substances until they have infected a warm body. To this end, they use a special thermometer...

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RNA structures by the thousands

Every cell contains thousands of different RNA molecules. In the past, it would have taken many research careers to decipher their structures using traditional methods. But not anymore.

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Prof. Dr. Franz Narberhaus

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